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to connect the dots [idiom]: To understand something by piecing together hints or other bits of information.

#22: making sense of the joy and challenges of living abroad with my friends Vicky and Carlos The Connecting Dots Podcast

In this conversation I connect the dots with two friends of mine, Vicky and Carlos, to find answers to the big questions of living abroad. What connects us is that we spent a lot of time together in Frankfurt and that we all have a connection to Murcia, a region in the southeast of Spain. What that connection is for each of us, you will hear in the beginning of our conversation. After that we try to make sense of the beautiful and sad journey of living abroad. For example, what was our reason to go live in another country? What was so hard about leaving one country and settling in another country? What exactly were our challenges living abroad and how did we deal with those? That and a lot more we cover in our long conversation.The episode was recorded at the end of June 2020. Keep that in mind when we talk about current events. If you wanna hear the 5 regrets of the dying, go straight to 1:10:20. And now enjoy!Check out the podcast on
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Die Idee:

Ich verknüpfe in jeder Episode mit einem anderen Experten die Punkte, um Antworten auf die Kernfragen des Lebens zu finden. Und aus ihren Lebenswegen zu lernen.

Warum jede Episode ein anderes Thema?

Der Podcast-Markt ist übersättigt mit 1-Thema-Podcasts.

Und warum so lange Gespräche?

Es gibt genug 15-30 Mins/Ep-Podcasts, in denen die Hosts stichpunktartig Inhalte runterrattern. In den ausführlichen Gesprächen meines Podcasts steige ich tiefer in die Themen ein.

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