about me

I prefer using very expensive abstract art as photo background. Behind me: Willem De Rooij’s “Black on Black” at Gropius Bau, Berlin, 06/19.

I’m a Freelance Consultant & Producer for Audio and Podcasts based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Over the last years I worked at agencies and on my own. Among my clients were BMI, Bora, Jaguar Land Rover, Lexware, LOFINO, Vodafone and more.

Since 2016 I’m listening to podcasts. In 2017 I produced my first podcast for a client. Since 2019 I have my own podcast: The.Connecting.Dots.Podcast

I hold a M.A and B.A in Philosophy with minors in Political Science and German Literature. I studied in Marburg, Germany and Murcia, Spain. In both cities I worked in academic capacities, namely as Student Research Assistant, Tutor and Intern.

My degrees taught me skills I use every day:
1) how to deeply understand a topic by researching it
2) how to create my own ideas that I then
3) communicate in written or verbal form.

You can contact me through this form: