I was finally asked to appear on somebody else’s podcast. After publishing more than 50 episodes of my own podcast The Connecting Dots Podcast, producing podcasts for clients since 2017, and helping many other people set up their own podcast.

Jörn Menninger is founder and host of Startuprad.io. He does a yearly review and outlook of the startup ecosystem in the Frankfurt area, which is also called Rhine-Main. We talked about investments of startups CLARK, Wingcopter, Biontech from Mainz and more.

Check out the video:

Or the audio version on:

At 29:06 in the interview I criticize (some) Frankfurt founders for not sharing enough of their work and founder personality online. Building a personal brand online would help each of them and the Rhine-Main startup ecosystem as a whole to gain more popularity on a national and international level. And that would possibly lead to more attention on the Rhine-Main startup area by investors and the media.

To that Mario Hachemer, the CTO of Fastbill, replied that personal branding is on their agenda. He added that some founders from the Frankfurt area enjoy being able to focus on the actual startup work without getting distracted by additional activities like podcast appearances and social media activities. I’m happy Mario brought that up because I didn’t think of that.

It was very exciting to me to finally be a guest on another person’s podcast. And yes, several times during the recording session I felt the urge to ask questions and play the host but I resisted. Thank you very much Jörn + Startuprad.io for the opportunity!

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