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Fabrizio Gramuglio’s mission is to democratize the access to knowledge with the means of Human-Computer Interaction, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Artificial Empathy (AE). He is an expert on those topics and advised or still advises companies like Microsoft, Volvo, Würth Phoenix, and FIAT Lancia and institutions like the European Commission and the European Central Bank.

He also (co-)founded companies. We talk in detail about his most recent company Xperience Plus – X+. It is an Extended Reality Platform and marketplace, that offers the first full real-time, interactive, on-demand and multi stimuli experiences.

If you want to understand how we will use technology in the future and how that will change consumer behaviour, this is a must-listen for you.

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Links to everything discussed:

The Iridium Moment and our example of Nokia and Waze: https://www.disruptorleague.com/blog/2015/09/12/an-iridium-moment-is-a-strategic-blunder-that-can-kill-your-company/

Research by Ericsson on the Internet of Senses: https://www.ericsson.com/en/reports-and-papers/consumerlab/reports/10-hot-consumer-trends-2030

The movie “Strange Days” (2016) that Fabrizio mentions as giving you a good idea of what the future looks like: https://m.imdb.com/title/tt0114558/

The article “Possible futures for a post-pandemic travel industry”: https://www.phocuswire.com/Futures-radically-different-travel-industry-part-1

The article “The future of travel will be out-of-body and a five senses experience”: https://www.xperience.plus/2020/06/09/the-future-of-travel-will-be-out-of-body-and-a-five-senses-experience/

An article on how lawyers get replaced by software in Finance: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/news/jp-morgan-software-lawyers-coin-contract-intelligence-parsing-financial-deals-seconds-legal-working-hours-360000-a7603256.html

my articles on VR & AI, inspired by the episode with Fabrizio

When you’re a curious human being sometimes the stars align for your interests: in the weeks after my conversation with Fabrizio in September interesting business examples in the area of VR and AI came up. Kissed by the muse, I sat down to write about those business cases and my own thoughts on how futuristic technology will change our life on earth, and how it already changes right now:

article #1: AI Video Compression for smoother video calls

article #2: More computer skills should be taught at schools. Here are my suggestions.

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