In July 2020 a fitness trainer, business owner and overall interesting woman named Kirstin Otto was guest on a program called “Chef on Air” at Frankfurt radio station Antenne Frankfurt. I heard about it because she and another founder and overall interesting woman named Imme Scheit posted about it. Considering how many women are on that show, maybe it should be called ChefIN on Air.

Then, in September, Imme herself was guest on “Chef on Air”, she posted about it on LinkedIn, how you can apply to that program and told others to do so, too. Kathrin Feistl saw Imme’s post and then took the initiative, applied and now she’s a guest on that program, too – today!! See here how Imme supports Kathrin on LinkedIn.

All the while I read in group chats and on LinkedIn how they empowered each other to take the initiative and go on that radio program. Why do I post this? Because it is

a prime example for good networking and women empowering each other

All the women named above and more told me on my podcast The.Connecting.Dots.Podcast that one problem among women in business is that they don’t support each other (enough). The first time I heard that was when Anne Tischer, founder of KARMA she said was on my podcast (Ep. 18). Then again I heard Dr. Mynia Deeg, founder of SWIMSTART ( saying how important it is to empower others, not exclusively women but also women (Ep. 23). Some of the points mentioned were talking bad about each other or holding a grudge against somebody.

Today I released my conversation with Silke Kopp, co-founder of Health&Bits and Miss Hessen 2020 (Ep. 25). She tells from her own experience that it was harder for her to find female mentors than male mentors. She also noticed that women network differently and that women should take care of each other when climbing the career ladder.

In this part of my conversation with Silke she explains how her approach to female empowerment in networking looks like:

What can we learn from the “ChefIN on Air” case study?

  1. Share opportunities *directly* with each other.
  2. Share opportunities on your Social Media channels and tag persons that you think should take those opportunities.
  3. Post about an opportunity that *you* took, what it was like for you and share how others can take that opportunity

What can we learn from Silke Kopp about networking?

  1. Stay long enough at events to meet a lot of people. Don’t already go after the presentations/intros.
  2. Just do it! Say yes to opportunities and then figure out how to do it.
  3. Like and repost each others social media content.
  4. Networking takes time and effort. Put in the work!
  5. If you climb the career ladder, pull your peers up.

Check out the Connecting.Dots.Podcast on the podcast player of your choice and the video version on YouTube:

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