For the Connecting.Dots.Podcast I dive deep into the life and expertise of my guests. I connect the dots with them in their life’s story and key changing moments to understand their drive to start a business, to change careers etc.. Why do they do what they do? Why are they the way they are? That is what I want to find out on my podcast.

In September 2020 you will hear 3 fascinating founders from Frankfurt. They are ambitious and innovative. They are strong women. You will hear a lot about them and their startups in the next years. On my podcast you get the chance to meet them now.

Let me briefly introduce them to you:

1. Dr. Mynia Deeg

With Mynia I connect the dots in teaching swimming online. Yes, that’s right: children can learn to swim online. Mynia will tell you how that works. She explains how a nearly fatal incident of her son lead to her startup Online Schwimmschule. How an online swimming school works and why we really need one in 2020 I will discuss with her in detail.

Mynia is also a startup mentor at the Founder Institute Frankfurt and at the Gunibator (the startup accelerator at the Goethe University Frankfurt). She explains what experience and knowledge she brings to the table when working with founders. And her advice for young ambitious people.

2. Shan (Susan) Xu

With Susan I connect the dots in dating and wedding. At first we talk about her wedding planner business āmasian Wedding Studio GmbH. She will point out crucial intercultural differences (esp. western – eastern) to keep in mind when planning a wedding. Susan is a graduate of the Founder Institute (FI) program, which is very demanding and stressful.

She didn’t go through the FI program with her wedding planner business but with a new one – one that is also about connecting people. It is an elite match-making business called Shu & Shan Elite Matchmaking International Inc. So be prepared for super intersting insights into dating in 2020! You will find out how her elite match-making business works and her top 3 tips for good dates!

3. Silke Kopp

With Silke I connect the dots in the digitalization of elderly care. We talk about her startup Health&Bits, which offers a software that helps organizing and communicating in the training of elderly care nurses. We connect the dots to answer the following questions:

  • What is the status quo of the training of elderly care nurses?
  • How many of those quit the training and why?
  • What could be done to support elderly care nurses?
  • How far or how little is the digitalisation progressed in elderly care?

We also talk about a lot more: Steve Jobs, career & networking advice, the importance of mentors etc. Silke is very ambitious and driven. I am sure in 5-10 years she will be the mentor of other founders and other young people with dreams and ideas.

Oh, and she’s also Miss Hessen 2020. To hear how that came about and under what conditions she did apply, tune in to my conversation with Silke.

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