In 2019 I collected a lot of ads that I liked. I want to share some very good ones here:

purpose with substantial content

By ‘substantial’ I mean backing up the big claims and headlines. The customer’s bullshit sensor is really good. Customers are just not that aware of how well they notice fake purpose. They easily detect advertising that claims a lot without proving it. These are examples of purpose-driven campaigns that prove what they claim:

McCann Health Japan for ANGFA, “Washable Book”

Droga5 for New York Times, “The Truth is Worth It”

DDB & MediaMonks or Reporters Without Boundaries, “The Uncensored Playlist”

Serviceplan for Dot Inc., “Dot Mini”

Antoni & Anorak for Mercedes Benz, “Bertha Benz: The Journey that Changed Everything”

innovative use of technology

That one is very hard to pull off because most of the time you need engineers. Agencies usually don’t have engineers neither have they a lot of money. At best the client is a big company and has the engineer capacity or has money for freelance engineers.

Mother for New York Public Library, “Insta Novels”

Ogilvy for Deutsche Bahn, “Spar Dir den Flug”

FCB for Burger King, “Whopper Detour”

DDB & MediaMonks for Reporters Without Boundaries, “The Uncensored Playlist”

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