AdEvaluation #4

In this blog format I shortly evaluate advertisements – either several ads or I go in depth dissecting one ad. Which ads? Which ever I come across.
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#1: Nivea’s reaction to the FaceApp

© Nivea 2019

I personally don’t like Nivea products at all but this is not a beauty blog, so: Simple and thus effective idea. Nice critical reaction to a huge internet phenomenon.

#2: Ogilvy’s “Spar Dir den Flug” for Deutsche Bahn

In this post I only want to dissect the campaign that won a bunch of awards. Not only because the idea itself is good but because it set the bar for online/social media campaigns really high.

© Deutsche Bahn 2018

#3: Lidl attacks Edeka et al.

Lidl wagt sich mal wieder an vergleichende Werbung.
© Lidl 2019

I like it. I want more provocation and beef in advertising. “EDEKAdent” is good. “Ab zu LIDL. Der Rest ist iREWElant.” is great. [Read an update on this story; 2019-08-17.]

#4: Netto attacks Lidl

Netto schlägt zurück
© Netto 2019

Good counterattack.

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