Ad Evaluation #3

In this blog format I shortly evaluate advertisements – either several ads or I go in depth dissecting one ad. Which ads? Which ever I come across.
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#1: Tag Heuer’s new campaign with Cara Delevingne

© Tag Heuer

I like her style. She looks super pretty and classy. I haven’t seen the full campaign though. I like the overall idea better from this TAG Heher ad better:

from 2015 © Tag Heuer

#2: BMW’s goodbye video for Dieter Zetsche

by Jung von Matt. It’s good, authentic. I like the message of starting something new, exploring possibilities.

#3: “HelloOfficer” by Waze

The video is something in between an advertisement and a video product explanation. In any case: I love the idea. Very innovative use of voice. And it serves justice in an area where the injustice is painful to watch.

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