Ad Evaluation #2

In this blog format I either shortly evaluate advertisements – either several ads or I go in depth dissecting one ad. Which ads? Which ever I come across.
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#1: Burger King’s “Feel your way”

Good one. 1) I like how they are distinguishing their brand in the fast food market by making a statement contra McDonald’s “Happy Meal”. 2) It’s smart how the concept adapts the new culture of mental health awareness.

#2: Edeka’s “Wir sagen Danke.”

I like it. Good job by Jung von Matt. People are already complaining a ton on Twitter about how sexist it is towards men. These people don’t understand that exaggeration is a stilistic means to a creative end. And it reveals less about the ad itself and more about their character, for they are easily offended.

#3: Klarna’s “#getsmooth”

© RCKT/Klarna

Good idea. “Komm mal Klarna” works. The headline above also works but another headline: “Fuffis im Club, aber Konto außer Kontrolle” doesn’t work as it’s too cliché.

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