Ad Evaluation #1

In this blog format I shortly evaluate advertisements – either several ads or I go in depth dissecting one ad. Which ads? Which ever I come across.
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#1: The Stuttering Foundation’s “Getting words out is hard …”

I like the idea. You understand it immediately. The analogy works.

2: The Jeffrey Modell Foundation’s “When I grow up …”

I like the idea and it’s a noble cause, of course, but I don’t think it works well.

3: “He’s a fan“ by Mandarin Oriental

It works. Nice simple ad that provides a clear message through it’s minimalistic design and tasteful photograph.

#4: VW’s “More than one thing“ with Cara Delevingne

Good TVC. Sequences are fast enough. Delevingne is the right fit for the job.

#5: Louis Vuitton’s “The Spirit of Travel“

Doesn’t work. It’s uninspired. A ton of money and precious print ad space (the back cover of The Economist) wasted.

Ad #1 and 2 taken from TIME Magazine’s double issue “The 100 most influential people” from April 29/May 6, 2019. Ad #3 and 5 from The Economist, April 20-26 2019.

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